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NC Master Licensed plumber with
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Expert installation of garbage
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Professional Plumbers in Durham

NC Master License number, 11427

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Plumbing repairs and maintenance services are often necessary for light commercial and residential properties in Durham, N.C. There are professional plumbers in Durham from a well-known company available to inspect, repair and replace fixtures in kitchens and bathrooms at private residences, apartment buildings and small businesses throughout the region. Plumbing fixtures such as sinks and toilets are in constant use, requiring frequent repairs that include removing difficult clogs from drains. Removing a hard clog from a toilet drain requires expertise and specialized tools to avoid damaging the porcelain fixture.

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Drain Cleaning – Water Jetting

Drain cleaning is one of the most essential parts of keeping up with plumbing maintenance. We are able to help with slow moving drains, blocked drains, clogged drains, video camera inspections, and Hydro-jetting services, all with our state-of-the-art drain cleaning technology.

Hot Water Heaters repair and installation

You will need professional help if you're noticing small leaks at the base of the water heater, water quickly becoming lukewarm, limited supply of hot water, incorrect wiring in the heater, and/or improper electrical connections. It is important to trust in the professionals for these types of service, as it can be dangerous to attempt on your own.

High Efficiency Heating Systems

Installing a new water heating system can help your home to run more efficiently. This will save you money and energy over time. Our expert services will ensure that everything is installed and running properly.

Electrical Upgrades

Upgrades can be made to any plumbing appliance in your home. It is important that you keep these up to date and in compliance with safety regulations. Our professionals will help you secure peace of mind, knowing that no faulty wiring will give you an issue in your home.

Sewer Repair and Installation

This can often be a daunting project for new homeowners, but we make it easy and affordable. Properly functioning sewer systems are essential to the overall function of your home's plumbing, and we can help make this happen.

Boiler Repair

A faulty boiler can be dangerous in any home or business. Let us help you ensure the safety of your family or customers by conducting regular inspections of the boiler, to make sure that any necessary repairs are completed before they cause damage.

Under Sink Repairs

These services include repairs, replacements, installations, new construction, faucets, fixtures, and sinks, bathrooms and kitchens, and laundry room wash basins. We have any and all sinks under your roof covered with our professional and efficient services.

Leak Repair

Small leaks around your home can add up to a ton of wasted money on water bills. Don't let this happen to you! We can quickly and expertly fix leaks anywhere in your home. The best part is, our services are affordable, so you won't break the bank.

Plumbing Camera Inspection

Most plumbing issues are solved with the use of cameras to inspect parts having issues. Our technology helps us to provide the best possible service to the good citizens of Durham, NC.

Water Main Repair and Installation

This is another large project that stresses many homeowners out, but it doesn't have to. Our team will make the project efficient, affordable, and painless. You'll wonder why you didn't have it done sooner!

Emergency Services

When you need us !


Unfortunately sometimes emergencies pop up at the worst times. Don't make matters worse but trying to save a few dollars. We're here when you need us!

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Fixed Fast by professionals


When you need help fast call an expert! Why take a chance on doing it yourself when and expert is just a phone call away? Call us today you'll be glad you did!.

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What You Can Expect

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Wallace Chambers with over 30 years of plumbing experience is the NC Master Licensed plumber that will oversee and guarantee that quality work will be done on your repairs.


  • Krishna W.10/30/2013

    Quick and excellent service.
  • N D.03/23/2014

    Wallace Chambers of A&A Plumbing has been our plumber for 14 years. Recently, he did all of the plumbing for a total remodel of our master bedroom. He also takes care of repairs in my elderly mother's home. He's very knowledgeable, detail oriented, careful and thorough. And he's a very nice!
  • Susan B.06/25/2014

    Wallace Chambers has been doing excellent work at our home since 2009. That year we had a leak in the wall of our bathroom and he repaired the leak, sterilized the space, and left it suitable for repairs to the wall. Since then, he has kept our sinks and toilets in good repair. I agree with ND that he is careful and knowledgable and very nice.
  • Erica E.10/18/2014

    I have been using A & A Plumbing for many years. Wallace Chambers does a fantastic job. He has helped with numerous problems from hot water heaters to leaks to septic fields. Wallace is incredibly honest, knowledgable and trustworthy. I'm so glad I found him!!!
  • Mary B.10/20/2014

    We have also used Mr. Chambers for many years. He stands out because he is an excellent troubleshooter for difficult plumbing problems. We have an old home and the plumbing issues that arise need a careful eye. We totally rely on his work and would not consider anyone else!

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